Single Story Homes For Sale in San Diego and North County

Single Story Homes For Sale in San Diego and North County

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Here you will find only San Diego County single story or one story homes that are on the market refreshed daily with new listings. We have a team of real estate professionals who are ready to help you find the right San Diego single story / ranch home to fit your current or future needs. Please scroll down below to view San Diego single story homes for sale.

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San Diego Single Story Homes For Sale

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Single Story Homes For Sale in San Diego CountyWe have a real estate team in place who specialize in different neighborhoods to help you find single story homes for sale in San Diego County that best fit your needs. Please fill out the contact request below so we can get you connected to a buyer’s agent specialist who can help set up listings alerts delivered to your email to help you find the perfect single story home in the perfect neighborhood in San Diego.  If you are 55 plus, please also check out homes for sale in 55 communities in San Diego County here.




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Here are the single story homes can you buy in San Diego County with a minimum of 3 beds/2baths, built 1990 and newer in the entire San Diego County with the price ranges below:

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Considering selling your home to move to a single level home? We have a group of listing agents and buyer specialists who will help reduce the stress of concurrently selling your existing home and buying a single story home.


We have the following to serve you:

♦ Experience
♦ Great Reputation
♦ Extreme Responsiveness
♦ Clear Communication
♦ Exemplary Negotiation skills
♦ No Risk – Hire Us

Partial List of Services We Offer:

  • Professional guidance on setting the listing price for your home through  Comparative Market Analysis
  • Provide an estimate of the selling expenses to show your net proceeds
  • Prepare listing contract and guide you in preparing seller disclosures and explaining all the disclosures
  • Make professional suggestions on how to effectively stage your home to obtain the highest selling price, and quantity of offers
  • Publish your home listing on the MLS system and immediately have thousands of buyer’s agents and qualified buyers learn about your property
  • Install a high-security, computerized lock box to facilitate buyer showings, upon your approval
  • Place For Sale Sign on property
  • Place a custom rider on your yard sign highlighting more about your property
  • Implement “QR-Code” and “Text for more information” for immediate buyer response
  • Inform all of San Diego County realtors and out of of state realtors who participate in the MLS of this new listing
  • Schedule property for Office and MLS Realtor® Caravan tours
  • Tour a focus group through your home
  • Take professional high-resolution photos and video of property for more detailed and effective marketing
  • Video embedded email campaign to buyers looking for your type of home
  • Create quality high-resolution color brochures dedicated to showcasing and selling your home
  • Turning photos of your home into virtual video tours and posting on YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine
  • Arrange showings for cooperating agents
  • Hold open houses to market your home
  • Create a website dedicated to your property, optimized to deliver keywords that search engines will find, showcasing your home’s unique and most desired features
  • Professional video marketing
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  • Social media networking displaying your property in a viral fashion on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc
  • Blogging about the unique features of your home, the neighborhood or location of city
  • We walk your immediate area letting your neighbors know about your home, asking about friends/family looking to move into the neighborhood
  • Visit your home weekly to check on property and refill brochures
  • Provide a weekly market activity report of your home’s showings
  • Continuous review of your property’s marketing efforts to adjust, if necessary, to get your home sold
  • Call agents with qualified buyers
  • Pre-qualify potential buyers
  • Provide you direct feedback from other agents based on their showings
  • Review list price based on agent feedback and market condition
  • Be highly responsive to all offer inquiries from qualified buyers and their agents
  • Professionally review and present all offers with you
  • Prepare a favorable counteroffer to create a rock-solid transaction that closes on time without surprises
  • Negotiate the transaction on your behalf while keeping you in the loop at all times
  • Coordinate with all third party professionals during the escrow process
  • Finalize the closing
  • Provide references for qualified moving and relocation services
  • Always be available to answer any question and be highly responsive to all your needs


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Demand for Single Story Homes in San Diego County

San Diego Single Story HomesDemand for San Diego Single Story is increasing: Read more”] An increasing number of San Diego home buyers are now considering the purchase of a single story or ranch homes as their next residence. There is a growing need for single level homes as we are living longer and enjoying continued good health in San Diego.  Our adult population are now choosing to “rightsize” into single story homes from their current homes.  55+ adults who anticipate age related mobility issues are planning to sell their 2 story homes to move into single level homes. Adding to the single story demand are families with young children who are also opting for single story homes to ensure their children’s safety from navigating stairs. No matter what your needs are, we have a team in place to help you either sell your home and/ or help you find the single story home that is perfect for your needs in San Diego.

Planning for retirement by selling your existing multi-level home and buying a single level home

Another segment of San Diego home buyers who are 5 to 10 years away from retirement age are also planning ahead for their final home purchase. They recognize that as they age they may need some special home features to accommodate their future health needs.  Again, single story or single level homes are one of the first “needs” on their list. See below for Single Story Homes for sale around San Diego County.

Single Story Homes  in San Diego County for younger buyers

Single story homes are appealing to more than retirement age citizens.  Many younger home buyers are looking to purchase a single story homes now, so that they can perhaps enjoy a possible higher resale price, as demand increases in the years ahead when they are ready for their next move.  All of these factors are creating an increasingly higher demand for San Diego single story homes for sale.

New Home Builders

New San Diego home builders have yet to begin taking advantage of this increasing demand for single story/ single level homes.  For them, it is more cost effective to build two or three story homes as they align mechanical systems like plumbing and electrical lines to bathrooms on adjacent floors.  A multi-story home requires less underlying foundation and less roof structure.  Also, a multi-story home has a smaller footprint than a single story home, taking up less valuable land on small home lots.  By building more multi-story homes, which make better use of the small lot layouts, a builder is able to squeeze in more sellable lots and make more profit. When a new home builder is developing a new community of homes, a very small percentage of the dwellings are offered as single story homes.  In fact, some new home builders do not even include a single story model home for prospective buyers to preview.

Shortage of San Diego Single Story/ Single Level Homes

We of course do not have a crystal ball, but the future of new single story home inventory does not show much promise of increasing. Since builders are motivated mostly by their bottom line profits and they can fit and sell more multi-story units on their available land, we do not foresee any upcoming changes. This leaves the rest of the San Diego single story home inventory to existing homes and custom built homes.

Pros of Single Story and Multi-Story Homes:

  • Two story homes take up less square footage on your lot, leaving more area for a garden or swimming pool.
  • Two story homes allow upper floor bedroom windows to be more safely left open without as much fear of intruders entering the home.
  • Two story homes help to keep the bedroom areas of the home more private as guests are usually restricted to the first floor.
  • Single story homes allow the laundry room to be on the same floor as the rest of your living space.
  • Single Story homes are more quiet, as sound travels between floors on a two story home.
  • Single story homes can be easier to exit in case of emergencies, like fires and earthquakes.
  • Single Story homes do not present the danger of having young children fall through open second story windows or screens.
  • Single Story homes do not present the danger of having young children fall down stairways.
  • Single story homes appeal to a larger group of people when it comes to resale.
  • Single story homes are easier to heat/cool to consistent temperatures.
  • Single story homes can provide for taller ceilings.
  • Single story homes require fewer bathrooms, since all are on the same floor.

Cons of Single Story and Multi-Story Homes:

  • Two story homes, by necessity have a staircase which take up valuable floor space and could create a falling hazard for family members or guests.
  • Two story homes lead to downstairs water damage when plumbing leaks occur.
  • Single story homes use more lot space because of their larger footprint.

Examine Your Options

As with any home purchase, all of the above are personal to you and your needs.  Carefully examine all of your options during your home search and commit to paper the things that are important to you.  Include on this list items that are non-negotiable and you are sure to reach a clear conclusion.  Some buyers find it helpful to speak to their real estate agent about current local trends and values in helping them reach a decision.

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